Your Permit Is Approved!

Communication, cost, and time are the biggest concerns in permitting and development, N Consulting Engineers has created niche strategies and techniques to streamline what is usually a lengthy process in order to meet the needs and deadlines of our clients. N Consulting Engineers offers professional Consulting throughout the Southwest Region for all of your permitting needs.

Permit Approval Processing

With N Consulting Engineers’ expert team of project managers and established relationships with numerous local agencies, including Caltrans and UPR Railway, N Consulting Engineers quickly handles all submittals and paperwork while coordinating between city, county, and local government bodies. We have a clear understanding of the building code, permit fees and project requirements specific to each jurisdiction, which prevents those common delays in getting your projects approved.

N Consulting Engineers offers:

  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Change of Use Permits
  • Variance
  • New Construction Permits
  • Master Land Use Permits
  • Tenant Improvement Permits
  • Zoning Administrator Permits
  • Planning and Entitlement Services
  • Fire Department Approvals
  • Sign Permits
  • Awning Permits
  • Permit Research